Trent's Message to the Citizens of Grayson County

When Grayson County citizens elected me as Treasurer I was honored, but also felt a great sense of obligation as a steward of the tax payers’ resources.   I keep that in mind every day, and apply it to every decision I make as Treasurer.  I’m proud of the accomplishments I have made in this office, but I also recognize that there are more opportunities to pursue and challenges to overcome where I can make a larger contribution.

I’m now asking the citizens to support me as I seek the office of County Judge.  I already have a strong working relationship with our commissioners, and I have the right experience and skills to lead the Commissioner’s Court.  I have a plan to position the county for growth and partner with our great cities to increase prosperity and quality of services for all our citizens.  My plan is based on these three simple tenants:

  • Make smart investments to address future transportation needs.
  • Increase transparency and promote citizen involvement.
  • Lower taxes to benefit residents and businesses.

As a former financial advisor, I see the need to focus our investments that are guaranteed to pay off and have a county wide impact.  We’ve made some good progress over the past decade in targeted areas, but it’s time to look at the big picture and address the comprehensive needs as our business and residential population grows.

In addition to smart investments, it’s also urgent to refocus on conducting the business of the county with efficiency.  This is where transparency and teaming with employees and residents to make sure we are providing the right services in the best way is essential.  I am convinced we have enough potential gains to lower our tax base without cutting services or employees, and I will make a commitment to realize that opportunity.

Again, I deeply appreciate your confidence in me as your Treasurer and with your support look forward to representing you in the office of County Judge.

  •   I am emphatically supporting Trent Bass in the run-off election.  He wants to improve Grayson County’s attractiveness to residents and employers through the services provided and infrastructure.  With his knowledge of county finances, Trent can improve the effiency of our county spending on day one of his term as County Judge.  He has improved the efficiency of the office of County Treasurer and saved us many thousands of dollars already. Dr. Clint Long